An awful excuse for you…

Hey wordpressers,

It has now occurred to me that I now have this fulfilling number of 50 followers and counting on my account.

I very much appreciate the likes, follow, and comments. Just found out few seconds ago that I actually hit the big ‘5’ ‘0’ thank you.

My original goal was to write. A lot. Proses on here. And poems on my poem site, but instead all I have given to you are daily pictures.

Capturing my life on the outside.. Mostly pictures of food (mainly because the urge to capture a moment of food before experiencing them on the buds of my tongue is such a necessity) and once in a while I also take random photographs.

You see.. Moments are infinite and yet if not captured in our minds or on scene capturing devices they are forgotten or better yet, never recorded. Not in history books, not on the storage cabinets in our minds, not on anyone’s story..

So readers… This is my excuse for not writing. I have to admit I am guilty of not writing anymore. I do however am reading lots and capturing moments. However, that would still be an awful excuse. Once and for all to the wonderers.. to what happened to the proses.. I am going to start writing again.

Thank You for your patience.

– jasminedelacerna ❤


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