Another interview set

Hey wordpressers,

I got called for another interview set up. However, I felt very ungrateful. Who am I to feel like this? I have been searching and looking, but my heart feels dissatisfied and ungrateful. I remember 2 weeks ago, my face was blushing as I expressed my frustration to my family while we ate at a restaurant. Then now? When this place called me I was not thrilled with the interview set up. I felt like I did not want to work there…

Why am I so ungrateful? I wanted call backs. I really prayed for it, but my heart… I cannot lie, does not like the job. I want to work, but now I am getting more and more picky.

How dare I? Many people are unemployed nowadays, and for me to not feel happy for a set up interview, feels like I am taking for granted the blessing and opportunity God has granted me.

God, please help. Dissatisfaction is a disgrace to your goodness and blessings. Lead me to the right direction, and I will follow through. Well… hopefully my free will, will not get in the way.

This is jasminedelacerna, signing off ❤


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