My 2nd meteor


3 thoughts on “BEGINNING

    • I was inside the car, and I saw a little streak up above the sky, (at first I thought it was a plane but it couldn’t be, because it had a streak-like appearance) so then I immediately captured the moment. Like my step dad taught me last year (when I still have never seen a meteor), he told me that it goes by slow, so you are able to capture it in your camera when it is close nearby. I guess the key is good lighting from the sun. This is the 2nd meteor I have seen and captured by picture now, and I only see them during the sunset. When the sky is too bright, you may see it but it is a little faded, but when it gets a bit darker at say around 5-6 pm, you can really see it. Hope this helps. P.S. I never use those fancy telescopes, the meteor I have seen are visible to the naked eye. So next time when you are out, try to look up above the sky, you’ll never know a meteor may just pass along. My 1st ever meteor experience is now posted in my blog it is collaged. Check it out 🙂 The one you saw was actually my 2nd, but the collaged meteor was my 1st meteor experience. Thank You once again for stopping by in my page.

      – jasminedelacerna

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